New Project Ideas

Muckleford Catchment Landcare has one application lodged for a project in the Chinaman Creek valley. We should hear if it is successful in August.

In the meantime, we are keen to apply for new project funding, either through the Communities for Nature or Victorian Landcare Grants, which we expect to open sometime later this month.

Your committee is keen to hear from members with ideas.

In the past, projects in this category have been required to address:
·         Native vegetation protection, enhancement or establishment (can include threatened species habitat)
·         Pest plant and animal management
·         Salinity management
·         Erosion management
·         Community education

Do you have an idea that fits?

We suggest that you consider revegetation and pest control works that help create new links between remnant stands of vegetation either on private land or along roadsides. We have many significant roadsides in the catchment. Can you enhance a roadside adjoining your property? Many of our remaining paddock trees will disappear in the next twenty years. We should be developing projects aimed at ensuring their replacement.  Links that connect into waterways are considered highly valuable. Projects that involve a number of properties and neighbours are also highly regarded.

You may have other ideas not covered above. We are happy to help to both advise and build on any thoughts you have. The valleys that make up the Muckleford Catchment are replete with productive and recreational potential. Let’s keep working together to ensure that our legacy to the next generation is sustainable and rich.

Please let us know by May 30 if you have an idea that you would like discuss with us.

Email us at


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