Landcare Bike Ride Sunday 6th November

The annual Muckleford Landcare bike ride is happening Sunday 6th November. Meet at the Muckleford train station at 10.45am for an 11am SHARP leaving time. It might be a rough ride because the track will have water damage, but we will push through!

We will hopefully end up at the Maldon Hotel for pizza in the beer garden for lunch, before riding back.

Queries to Beth on 0431219980 or email me.


Wildflower Walk

Join Muckleford Landcare on Sunday 23rd October, 10am-11.30am for a wildflower walk. We will meet and park on Sinclairs Lane (extension), and go for a ramble in a real wildflower hotspot. Wear your walking shoes and bring a friend!

Directions: Come via Carpenters Lane, or Lewis Road, go to the end of Sinclairs Lane before it turns into Donkey Farm Track.

Any queries, ring Beth on 0431219980

Nest Box monitoring 2022

Thanks to the Landcare crew that came out today for the annual nest box monitoring. We had two teams complete approximately 80 boxes in 2 hours using the pole cameras. Thanks to (L to R in photo) Beth, Michael, Pam, Brona, Bronwyn, Dave, Miles, Louie, Nev (and Ned running about somewhere).

We recorded 24 sugar gliders, one Brush-tailed Possum, 10 or so bats, three boxes had bees, and there were fresh nests for four Brush-tailed Phascogales. Miles got chased by bees, and afterwards found a Yellow-footed Antechinus eating a dead bird in one of the boxes!

Nest Box monitoring with Muckleford Landcare

We are due to undertake our annual nest box monitoring in the Walmer South Nature Conservation Reserve. SUNDAY 29TH MAY 2022, 10am. I know it’s going to rain, but we will just wear weatherproof clothing. We will divide into two teams and take on half the reserve per team, that way we’ll be finished in under 3 hours. Let me know if you can come by emailing Beth Mellick or phone me on 0431219980.

Brush-tailed Phascogale (Photo: Beth Mellick)

Bassett Creek Stage 3

Another planting completed, and our final piece of work on the Bassett Creek. Thanks to the Spragg family for letting us have access to the creek front where we put in 500 plants to help connect up habitat, and strengthen the vegetation all along the creek line. Thanks also to Beth, Eleanor, Dave, Nioka, Andrew and Shirley for working in the rain (how lovely for us!), it took us under 2 hours.

We thank The Good Op Shop for supporting this project.

Welcome to new members Andrew and Shirley who came out to help us guard the plants today

Bassett Creek Stage 3

We have one more planting project to complete this season. Just like our habitat corridor project, we were severely delayed in planting due to the hold up with the bamboo stakes coming from China last year. But as the plants have already been grown for us, and we now have the stakes, we are going to go ahead.

The creek line has been slashed and ripped and is ready to plant. Our expert planters will be doing this, and Landcare members can come out to guard. I’m very sorry that this isn’t a weekend activity, but we are running out of time!

The planting/guarding will be done Tuesday 15th March 2022, starting at 9am. The property is on Rilens Road, please email me for the address.

Landholder has slashed the site, ready to rip