The hidden treasures of roadsides – how to discover and protect them

Muckleford and Newstead Landcare groups are combining to host a morning tea and field trip on September 15. The focus will be our local roadsides.

Roadside vegetation is an extremely important resource for native biodiversity in our area, with some of the best patches of bush surviving alongside our thoroughfares. This field day will help us discover what makes a bit of roadside great, how to look after it and the very important questions of what can and can’t be done with roadsides and by whom.

We will meet at the Muckleford Community Centre at 10 am for morning tea and two brief introductory talks before embarking on a 2 hour visit (bus provided) to several interesting local roadside sites.


In the last few months Mount Alexander Shire has issued a new Roadside Conservation Management Plan. A representative from Council will explain the aims of the plan and how they plan to implement it. They will also explain the rationale behind the changes to some of the Significant Roadside declarations you may have noticed taking place recently.

Our second speaker is Ben Goonan who undertook a major biodiversity survey of roadsides in our region for the NCCMA in 2009-11. Ben will talk about the results of his research and the criteria that he used to define high-value roadsides.

Frances Cincotta from Newstead Natives will also join us. Frances and Ben will help us identify the surprising range and variety of both native and invasive species resident along our roads.

This will be an informative, practical and pleasant 3 hours. It is also another valuable opportunity to meet your neighbours and others interested in landcare.

When: Sunday, September 15th, 10am-1pm.

Where: Muckleford Community Centre, Muckleford-Walmer Road (former Methodist Church between Pyrenees Highway and Castlemaine-Walmer Roads).

We would appreciate a RSVP. Email or text Paul Hampton at 0408566909.

We look forward to your company.

This project is supported by a Strengthening Our Communities Grant from the Mount Alexander Shire Council.


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