Roadside Awareness Project update

The first stage of the Muckleford Landcare Roadside Awareness Project has concluded.

With the help of several members we managed to hand deliver over 200 brochures to land holders throughout the catchment. Now we hope that everyone is both more informed about the valuable road reserves in our area, and also more committed to looking after them.

We would particularly like to thank Beth Mellick (and kids), Kerry and Mark Perry, Bronwyn Silver, Simon Patten and Pam Connell for driving, cycling and walking around their areas and helping the committee get this important information out there.

On April 20 we held an open house at the Muckleford Community Centre and in three hours a good number of residents turned up with information or questions about roadside vegetation. All those who visited us during that time became eligible to win one of three prizes and the winners were drawn today by Max Schlachter our shire Landcare Facilitator at his office in Castlemaine.

The winners are:
Hills Knapsack Sprayer – Ian McQueen
Photograph of Walmer Nature Reserve by Bronwyn Silver – Jane Staley
Wildlife of the Box-Ironbark by Chris Tzaros – Murray Wright

The winners should ring Paul Hampton on 0408566909 to arrange delivery of their prize.

We will be organising follow up events in Spring aiming at giving residents more hands-on knowledge about roadside plant identification and control.

Paul Hampton


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