Sustainable Soils for Muckleford

This Tuesday 23 April we will host a community meeting at the Muckleford Community Centre to consider whether a sustainable soils program can be established in the catchment. The soils of the Muckleford Valley have been subject to a history of widely varied use and rapid change since European settlement in the 1850s. Now in a period of increasingly variable climate, the sustainability of soil health is becoming an urgent issue.

pasture in the Muckleford Valley
pasture in the Muckleford Valley

The Mid-Loddon Landcare Network has created a highly successful Sustainable Soil project involving 60 farmers and covering 60,000 hectares of arable land. The project has implemented a wide range of measures to analyse and improve soil health across the region. Could it provide a model for the Muckleford Valley?

Judy Crocker is the Facilitator of the Mid-Loddon Landcare Network.

Judy will speak to the meeting about the changing face of our landcare groups, from being mainly agricultural based in the past to the current mixture of small and large enterprises who all have an interest in the sustainable use of their soils and buffering against climate variability.

The first speaker will be Phil Dyson, from the NCCMA. Phil is manager of the ‘Farming for Sustainable Soils Program’. He will begin the evening with an introduction to the geological history of the Muckleford Valley. The geological story can provide an understanding of the soils and landforms of the area, and allow residents to think about the makeup of their own patch.

Both speakers will encourage questions and further discussion.

This evening will be of great interest to both large and small landowners who use their land for productive purposes. Everyone who lives in the valley will find the information and discussion relevant to their interests.

This project is one of the most important and potentially long-term to have been considered by Muckleford Catchment Landcare. We are hoping for a good turn-out of residents from all backgrounds. The future of this valley as a liveable place is largely dependent on our ability to restore and maintain soil health.

Supper will be provided at the conclusion of the meeting.

When: Tuesday 23 April from 7 – 9.30 pm.

Where: Muckleford Community Centre, Muckleford-Walmer Road (between Pyrenees Highway and Castlemaine-Maldon Roads).

We would appreciate a RSVP. Text Paul Hampton at 0408566909 or email us at


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