A beautiful sight


Why do these people look so happy? Look in the background. A beautiful sight.  A total of 1,800 plants on a promontory overlooking Chinaman’s Creek. A new habitat corridor linking the creek with remnant bush on the higher slopes. This is the team who helped complete the planting last Sunday. The picture is evidence of the pleasure and sense of achievement of community landcare work.

We want to thank Mark Perry who made the land available and can see many future benefits to the quality and value of his property.

We also want thank David Griffiths who prepared the site with great skill and we should say, some artistry.


And to all those who were able to turn up for longer or shorter periods over the two days we are especially grateful. These projects would not be possible without community participation and labor.


Now we must hope for enough winter/spring rain to help establish the plants before next summer.

New landcare events are in the offing. Become an email-only subscriber to this site so that you don’t miss out.

And thanks to Bronwyn Silver for the superb photos.


One thought on “A beautiful sight

  1. Chris Timewell July 1, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    It is a beautiful sight. Well done to everyone involved.

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