A perfect, productive planting day

Planting June 21, 2015

It was a perfect day to be planting. The soil was moist and beautifully prepared, after a frosty start the sun was bright and warm, and we had a friendly and committed crew of volunteers ready to go at 11 am.
By 3.30 pm we had approximately 740 of the allotted 1,500 plants in the ground and we had run out of guards so we called it a day.
Thanks to all who participated, especially an indefatigable group of kids who ran armfuls of guards up and down the hill all day.
The site is covered with plants at about 2m apart and it is a spectacular sight.
Now we need to fill in the gaps with the remaining seedlings and we need to accomplish that as soon as possible.
So next Sunday afternoon at 1 pm we hope a few people can turn up and put in 1-3 hours work. David and Paul will prepare the guards and put the plants in during the morning. All we need are a few people to follow up and put the guards in place.
A short, efficient session with a sufficient number of volunteers should complete the work.
So if you would like to spend a couple of hours outdoors at a spectacular promontory above Chinaman’s Creek and see the impressive work please consider joining us next Sunday, June 28 at 1 pm.
Where: 69 Creasys Road
When: 1-3 pm
Follow the drive into the property, park near the bus, walk across the creek, through two gates to the top of the hill. The site is not visible till you reach the top.
If you need further information or guidance ring Paul Hampton 0408566909.


One thought on “A perfect, productive planting day

  1. EJ June 22, 2015 / 12:34 pm

    Lovely day, see you all next week. It would be great to see some other members there next Sunday, just for a couple of hours.

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