URGENT ACTION: Corellas are being killed

You might have heard on the news that Bendigo Golf Club alerted local residents of their plans to ‘eradicate’ the corellas who live in the trees on the golf course, shooting has already begun.

Corellas are native to Australia and are charismatic, social birds who mate for life and rely on tree hollows for their safe nesting sites. Little do they know that the trees they have found as homes in their ever-diminishing habitat are on a commercial golf course — and that this has placed them directly in the firing line.

Please contact the golf course operations manager Liam Carney and politely but urgently request the business to stop the shooting immediately and seek a kinder and non-lethal outcome for wildlife who share the golf course grounds. CALL: 03 5448 4206 EMAIL: gom@bendigogolfclub.com.au

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