One thought on “Bike ride cancelled

  1. Deanna Neville November 28, 2021 / 11:20 am

    Hey Beth and Nev,

    Hope you’re both well. Wanted to ask if you might have any thoughts on our finding someone in our area who might be interested in supporting our Brigade?

    Are you able to shoot this out to your mailing list?

    Thanks, Deanna

    The Walmer Fire Brigade is seeking a committed volunteer to provide essential but minimal book-keeping / treasury support.

    The Walmer Fire Brigade turnout area includes Walmer and Muckleford areas. The Brigade was founded in 1942 and many families of its original volunteer fire fighters remain committed to the service. As our community grows with many new neighbours, so does the demand for fire fighting support and the opportunity to get involved and connect with others. If you have a sound background in the area of small business finance and are interested in finding out more about this great opportunity to give to your community, please contact Deanna Neville, 0428 751 090.


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