A busy weekend in Muckleford – and more to come

It has been a busy and productive weekend for Muckleford Landcare and we have another small working activity planned for next Sunday. Please read on…

Chinaman Creek
On Saturday afternoon the property owners who participated in the first stage of the Chinaman Creek Community Landcare Plan gathered for afternoon tea at Brett Tyler and Liz Caffin’s property to mark the end of the initial work. The five participants were presented with a laminated poster showing a map of the project area and five key bird species to monitor in the future. They also received information on follow up blackberry control work from contractor Matt McEachran of Bushtech. Thankyou to everyone who attended. We hope to start planning the next step of this long- term project in the next few weeks.

On Sunday we set up an information stall at the annual Mucklefest at Muckleford Railway Station. It was a warm sunny day and there were large crowds of people enjoying the varied attractions, many of whom stopped by to inquire about landcare, buy plants supplied by Newstead Natives and pick up information brochures and pamphlets.
We enlisted five new members, most of them new to the area. Muckleford is starting to undergo a fairly radical social transformation and Muckleford Landcare is keen to engage newcomers in our projects and vision.
Thanks in particular to Frances Cincotta of Newstead Natives for helping set up and providing the plants which were a major attraction and to Beth Mellick and family for meeting, greeting and engaging with the many visitors.

and…Sunday Weed on Bassett Creek
Next Sunday, November 2 at 11 am, we will be gathering to remove some weeds at the point where the Bassett Creek crosses Golf Links Road. This is the site of a major past project of Muckleford Landcare and we want to ensure that locals stay aware and engaged in the long-term care of the area.
This is a short 1-2 hour session and we hope that people who live in this distinctive locality will turn up and participate. You will need to bring secateurs or some other pruning implements and gardening gloves. We will be employing the cut-and-paste technique – very hands-on, effective and satisfying.
If you want any more information ring Beth or Nev on 54724609.

Our blog, Twitter and Facebook
At the moment we send direct emails to members and friends and also duplicate the notices on this WordPress site. I plan to rationalise this system soon so that people only receive one or the other. I assume that people who subscribe to our blog don’t need a direct personal email as well. Please let me know if you wish to receive both.
We also Tweet on a fairly regular basis. Tweets are largely of broader environmental interest and if you are keen to access information and debate on wider issues this may suit you. Go to Twitter, join if you need and then search and follow Muckleford Landcare.
We also have a Facebook page which is currently languishing. If someone is keen to moderate this site for us please let me know.

All the best,
Paul Hampton


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