God’s day at the golf

We were blessed with a glorious, sunny morning for our golfing day at Castlemaine Golf Club on September 28. We met at 10 am for a short talk from local Deb Worland about the bird life we could expect to see as we set out to play nine holes.

For those of us who had only ever sighted the course from a car, it was a pleasant revelation. The course is a Land for Wildlife site and the course proper is lined with a wide variety of site-appropriate indigenous vegetation and the dams created by the water recycling scheme contain much bird habitat in the form of dead trees with hollows.

Most of us were keen to exercise our skills at the game. Some were experienced players and others like myself had never held a golfing club. I have heard it said that golf is ‘God’s game’ because you have to acknowledge that you can get all the technical stuff right and after that the results are in ‘his’ hands. Given that my technique is minimal I wasn’t able to fully test that hypothesis. Nevertheless, I did experience one or two moments of transcendence as a ball traveled unexpectedly in the right direction. But overall it was God’s day.

The kids played cricket in the vicinity of the club house and we all returned for sandwiches and beer at 12.30.

At 1.30 we convened our 2014 AGM. The minutes were included in our last post.

We still have one obligation to fulfill as part of this small project. We need to get together again to get some weeding done near the road on Bassett Creek. We will let you know a time and date soon.

Thanks to Beth Mellick for coming up with the idea and sourcing some funding.

Maybe we should make it an annual event?

A reminder that we Tweet general environmental and landcare news on a fairly regular basis. If you a re a Twitterer you can follow us at MucklefordLcare.


Paul H.

Golf day 2014


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