AGM minutes

Castlemaine Golf Club

September 28, 2014 – 1.30 pm

1. President, Paul Hampton welcomed participants to the meeting.
2. Present: Paul Hampton, Barry Sutton, Beth Mellick, Brendan Sydes, Jane Staley
Observer: Max Schlachter (Landcare Facilitator)
Apologies: Sue Slaytor, Tony Cordy
3. The minutes of the previous AGM (October 10, 2014) were read.
Motion: ‘That the minute of the AGM, October 10, 2013 are approved as an accurate record of proceedings’
Moved: Barry Sutton
Seconded: Beth Mellick
4. Paul Hampton tabled the Presidents’ Report for the year 2013-2014 (attached).
Questions regarding the Chinaman Creek Project. It was noted that planting may well be too late to implement this year because of dry conditions. Will the plants from Neangar be put aside till next year? Will it be necessary to negotiate an extension of the project t from the funder? These issues to be followed up a.s.a.p.
5. Treasurer, Barry Sutton tabled the Financial Report 2013-2014. Several amendments were made to account for new invoices. The amended report is attached.
Motion: ‘That the Financial Report as amended be accepted by this meeting.’
Moved: Barry Sutton
Seconded: Brendan Sydes
6. Election of Officebearers (chaired by Max Schlachter)
Nomination: Paul Hampton
Nominated: Barry Sutton
Seconded: Beth Mellick
Duly elected.
Nomination: Sue Slaytor
Nominated: Paul Hampton
Seconded: Barry Sutton
As Sue was not present the meeting decided that the nomination stand and Sue would be
approached regarding her willingness to continue in the position.
Nomination: Barry Sutton
Nominated: Beth Mellick
Seconded: Jane Staley
Duly elected.
7. Election of general members of the committee. As there were no nominations, the committee will be made up of office-bearers for the duration.
8. General business.
The meeting canvassed some ideas for events aimed at engaging with residents in various parts of the catchment:
• A planting in the vicinity of the cricket club
• Local cycling/walking tours (get to know your neighbourhood) followed by discussion about environmental and related community engagement and enhancement
• Bassett Creek: a cycling/walking event to look at the nature reserve (former gravel reserve), the Steiner School, Golf Club and the Bassett Creek Landcare Project (completed 2005)
• At least a couple of ‘whole-of-catchment’ events
The meeting closed at 2.30pm.


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