Walmer Biolink Takes Shape

Muckleford Landcare has installed 90 nest boxes in the Walmer South Nature Reserve and an adjoining road reserve in order to provide refuge and breeding opportunities for wild-life in the reserve and nearby tracts of bushland such as Ottrey’s Scrub to the north. The area currently contains several scattered hollow-bearing old trees and a limited number of branch and trunk cavities. Many of these are accessible to predators such as the red fox.

Installing a nest box

Target species for the project include the Brush-tailed Phascogale, Microbats, Sugar Gliders and a range of birds.  Some are prey species for Powerful Owls and other raptors that forage in this area. A range of nest boxes designed by Miles Geldard were commissioned. Each box has been identified by a numbered aluminium tag and GPS location in order to facilitate future monitoring and maintenance.

Example of nest box

The project is a partnership between Muckleford Landcare and Parks Victoria and has been made possible with a Second Generation Landcare Grant from the North Central CMA.

Walmer South Nature Reserve

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