Fire for Healthy Country: Djandak Wi

Interested in learning how can fire help us create healthy Country? What kind of fire? Used when, how and by whom?

Head over to the Talking Fire website to find out more about the latest project and upcoming workshops. 

Talking Fire is partnering with Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation to create opportunities for our community to deepen and transform our understanding of how to care for our local landscape. Djaara knowledge and experience will be shared through a practical experience of using fire as a way of caring for Country.

Together we want to enhance biodiversity, build community awareness and confidence in the use of fire, support new land holder skills, address community safety, and support Djaara in increasing their capacity to apply Djandak Wi to public and private land. A big agenda!

The project will be structured around three on-Country workshops – the first workshop is 14 August. Head over to Talking Fire to find out more.

To get updates, follow the Talking Fire website (, Talking Fire on Facebook, or drop us a line at


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