The North Central CMA is looking for landholders

The North Central CMA is actively looking to support
large scale carbon projects across our catchment as we
recognise the potential contribution of the carbon market
to support our Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS)
objectives, such as climate change mitigation, retention
and protection of on farm biodiversity, biodiversity links,
stewardship and increasing soil health.
It is our intention to set up an interested landholder
register to allow us to facilitate and enable large scale
projects with our NRM partners in the region. We would
like to hear from any landholders that would be
interested in participating in the carbon market – soil or
As a guide we have provided the following criteria, but
we encourage anyone with an interest to register their
details with us as opportunities may exist for smaller
sites. Keep in mind that a longer-term commitment would
be required on these projects.
Criteria for land
• The preference would be for 50 hectares or
more but 20+ hectares would be acceptable OR
• Long stretch of riparian zones
• Ideally area should provide opportunity for
biodiversity, biolinks and indigenous outcomes
• Looking for ecosystems that hold carbon
Once we have an established list of interested
landholders, we will be in contact in early 2021 with next
steps. We will not share any personal information without
your permission. The intention of this exercise will be to
create project scale – if we get enough of you on board
then we are more likely to have a viable project.


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