Heads down, bum up

We hope everyone is getting a chance to poke around the bush and look for flowers, we have certainly been doing that when the sun is out. Keep sending me photos that you would like to share with other members, thanks, Beth.

  • Autumn Greenhoods (thanks Eleanor and Albi for this photo)
  • Inland Red-tip Greenhood (well done Nev for finding this little beauty, never found this one before)
  • Parson’s Bands (included a drawing I did for a book on flora of our Muckleford property)
  • Sprawling Bluebell (it took a lot of microscope work to identify this correctly as it’s dying now and is not the most common around here, the Tall Bluebell)
Autumn Greenhood
Inland red-tip Greenhood
Parson’s Bands
Parson’s Bands
Sprawling Bluebell

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