Landcare at Mucklefest

The annual Mucklefest is on this coming Sunday, October 25 at Muckleford Railway Station from 10 -4. This is in many ways our only Muckleford community event on a festive scale.

Muckleford Landcare will be setting up a stall where we will be selling plants, making pamphlets and brochures available, answering inquiries and we hope gathering a few new members.

If you would like to come along and help out for an hour or two that would be greatly appreciated. We will be setting up our stall at about 9 am.

If you would like to join us give Paul a call on 0408566909.

And an important reminder that our AGM and Geology Bus Tour takes place on Saturday, November 14. Our bus has limited seating so it is advisable to book early. You can do that by responding to this post.




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