Time to plant we hope


With approximately 1″ rain in April and now getting close to the same so far in May we may be in a position to plant on our revegetation site on Chinaman’s Creek fairly soon. The planting has been delayed for 12 months while we wait for the best conditions. The planting will complete the Chinaman’s Creek project, which is the first stage of a long-term landcare plan for the Chinaman’s Creek valley.

The site will link the creek on private land in the vicinity of Creasy’s Road with remnant vegetation on the upper slopes to the north. The corridor will be 30 metres wide and should create a valuable connection for the movement of wildlife to and from the creek.

We have 1,500 plants in hand and the preparation is complete. The picture above shows David Griffiths from Geometree working at the site with the creek at the bottom of the slope. In a few years this should be a diverse and rich small bio-system, rather than a bare piece of stressed ground.

We should be in touch soon with a firm date. If enough enthusiastic volunteers turn up we should be able to get the plants in the ground in one day.

Keep your eyes out for our next post and your hopes primed for more precious autumn rain.


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