Our Golf Day plus AGM

A reminder to all that we have our Sunday at the golf course this weekend.
At 10.30 we will have a stroll around the course. For those who want to exercise their skill at the ancient game, we will provide some clubs and a little advice. We will be accompanied by a local who knows the course and its bird life intimately. There are still a number of swift parrots around and a Latham’s Snipe has recently been spotted.
Activities for children are also being organised.
After the walk there will be a light lunch at the club house. The bar will be open.
At 1.30, for those who are interested, we will convene our AGM. This year there is no guest speaker and we will be covering the formalities as efficiently as possible. I will be sending a President’s Report tomorrow.
Our committee is presently at a low ebb in terms of numbers and we would love to get a couple of new members. The duties are not onerous as we usually meet monthly or bi-monthly. If you are interested you can discuss it with us on Sunday.
This is a perfect way to spend a spring morning, get to know a special part of the Bassett Creek environment and meet locals.
It is important that you RSVP so that we know how many sandwiches to make. Ring Beth Mellick at 5472 4609 or 0431 219 980 to book a spot.

Those who attended our AGM in 2012 when our guest was author Don Watson will be interested to know that his book ‘The Bush’ has been published and the reviews are extravagantly good. Chase it up.


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